Saturday, July 12, 2008

Praise the Lord!

The whole story started like this.... A year and a half ago I started writing Travels to Inverness, which is supposed to be a 400 paged novel. (Something like that.) A very good friend gave me a laptop last October, and I was so happy that I had it, because I needed something to write on other than the computer that everyone else needed to use. Lately the laptop has started shutting down on me right in the middle of writing, and the screen clouds over and stuff like that. Also it isn't connected to the internet, which I need because I have a lot of research to do, especially since I recently decided to put a war in my book.

Well, obviously I can't afford the expensive laptop that I need, and I don't really want to use the one I have now for fear of its shutting down and never starting up again, and then my whole book will be lost, as I don't have it anywhere else. Daddy and Mommy decided that until God provides a new Macbook laptop, I should write on a different computer and make do with what I have. Since I didn't have an Ethernet hookup, or a flashdrive, I had to type the whole thing out. I started doing this and I was so happy because I can edit as I go along, and in the first four pages I added several things, changed several things, and really made drastic changes.


Later that night, Gabriel was cleaning out the hard drive on the computer, and it broke. Every single bit of information was completely lost, and gone. The computer couldn't restart, or do anything. It was completely broken. Of course I was upset. I was furious. I was too upset to cry. I couldn't remember any of the changes I made, my school papers that I had studied so hard for on John Smith, Christopher Columbus, and others, and four pages worth of notes on the Reformation and the Renaissance were all deleted. Plus a few poems which I hadn't copied yet, and I couldn't remember. I was too frustrated and mad and upset to even think about trying to make every possible change that was necessary, though it was different from the previous ones I made. I was really wondering what God was trying to show me. This whole incident completely ruined my entire day, and I got really tired and stressed out, had to go to bed early, and couldn't sleep.

The next day was better. I made a few changes, and daddy said the computer could be fixed, although Gabriel called the Apple store and they said we would have to get a new part which would cost 300 dollars. That was not an option. I didn't work on my book for a few days. I became happier, especially since a lot of people said that it could be fixed, though it wasn't easy at all. And then....

Today Gabriel decided to work on the computer. And he fixed it! He got all the information back, and the computer works great now, without any new parts or anything! Praise God! I can't tell you people how happy I was. Chloe had gently tried to tell me that I "shouldn't get all worried about it" the day the computer broke. I yelled, "If you were a writer then YOU would be worried!" :P But I see now that there was no cause for saying that, or being worried at all. I see that it was all a lesson in trust and faith in God. And praise God that I have all my information and poetry and papers back!!!!!

Extremely Excited,



Anonymous said...

oh praise God! I am so happy it is fixed. I know that meant a lot to you. :D


Anonymous said...

God is indeed faithful to all those who love, trust and believe in HIM.

What we may consider a loss or a disappointment God can use as a stepping stone to lead us further down the road of faith and trust.