Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Chocolate Facial

Okay... So last night Olivia and I were up late baking and cooking lots and lots of.... stuff... for Emma's late tea/birthday party. We made chocolate covered strawberries, and we had quite a bit of the milk chocolate left over. So, we decided that it really needed to go on my face. Hence, the pictures below. Then... I saw the bag of flour... :D

My nose is NOT that huge!!!!


Anonymous said...

yello rubyiana,
you actally look kinda...pretty! The first picture won't enlarge! That's my favorite one. And you are just so elegent in all of them...and you're so pretty with dark skin...maybe this year in DE, right?

sure thang,

Sprinkles said...

stranger things i have not seen for a while...

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Dear Rachel--

Ho hum... That's something new. :P Okaay, thanks...

Jordan dear,

pfft, finally I've done something just as strange as you!