Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sunset Shoot with Rachel

When I went to visit the Clarke's in May, Rachel and I took lots of time to try out different photo shoots in the sunset. (She loves photography, and is very good at it.) She also used this time to teach me some things about taking pictures, which I forgot when I came home. :-|

This is one of my favorites... :)

Rachel and Asher.


I LOVE this one!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVED that!!!!!!! I am realllllly looking forward to you coming in the winter so we can do one then...maybe with jeans and cowboy boots and a cowgirl hat! With the goats!?

Where's more of you?

Love you!


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Haha, it was a lot of fun... With the goats?!?!? Last time I was in there Stormy just about killed me!!! haha, yeah. Me and Stormy, that would be good. Maybe you could get a picture with his horns sticking out of my stomach. What do you say?

I'll get them up...

Love you too!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you can ride him! It's actually kinda fun. I like the horns out of stomache idea. You're gettin pretty creative there Ruby! What did he do last time?


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Oh nothing much. he just charged me and hit me in the knee and twisted his horns really hard....... And then i was fighting him for five or ten minutes but it was really a breeze. I think the horns through the stomach would be good. Or you could have one where one of his horns is disappearing in my temple... Hey, how come I'm always the " victim"?


Anonymous said...

because you're weak. No other way to say it. 5 or 10 minutes. Lier. Well, one time I fought him for about 1 whole hour!! But when I came in Mom and Dad had to take me to the emergency room for surgery because he had bitten off my finger in the middle. Mom and dad were just like, "Oh, no biggy. Just one of those stormy accidents again. Happens ALL THE TIME." So yeah. That was kinda scary.

Oh, and did I tell you that I hypnotized (sp?) one of our Chickens yesterday? It seriously worked! That dumb chicken just sat there staring at the ground still I clapped, and then it woke up! And I'm really not lying bout this. Ok?


Sprinkles said...

wow, those are WONDERFUL pictures!

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...


Oh yeah that's no biggy. I thought you would get worried, that's why I left off the fact that he actually twisted my leg off. yeah. But I plucked both his eyes out so now we're even. The hospital had this really awesome artificial leg that they put on me, and I thought it was the awesomest thing... Until I found out it was three inches longer than my other leg... *shakes head* those hospitals..

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!! It actually worked? Did you do the Peter method? or how did you do it? That is awesome! Boy, now I know what we're gonna be doin' when we come down for hunting—shooting deer and hypnotizing chickens and fighting goats!! *so excited!

Sprinkles (love the name buddy)

oh thanks... really. *blushes* that's nothing... :) haha

Sincerely and lovingly yours,

~Ruby Jean Hopkins

Anonymous said...

I found both his eyes floating in the pond by the way. So I put them back on for him. When I fought him...oh darn. I'm so bad at making up lies. You finished that one. Can we start another one?

Yes, I did it Peter's method. The only problem is when I'm trying to hypnotize one, all the other ones come over and bug it. You really have to calm it down before it can consentrate on your finger. But once you've got them consentrating, they're outta here.


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Yeah you never were good at lies, Rachel. Always gave us away to your dad. *shakes head* I don't know if I can be your friend anymore.... :P

Sweet. We'll have to do that then. :)


Anonymous said...

what do you mean, gave us away to my Dad? What'd I do?