Friday, July 11, 2008

An Update

For the past two days my mother has been reorganizing, rearranging, and cleaning our living room like crazy. We've taken a couch out, we're stripping and refinishing a bookcase that belonged to my great great great aunt Annette B. Hopkins (author of "Elizabeth Gaskell: Her Life and Works) and countless other things. In the midst of it all we happened to notice that Olivia wasn't acting the way she normally does. Her eyes were droopy, (though they're always like that, they seemed droopier this time) and she whimpered. We decided that she must not be feeling well, and promptly took her temperature. It came out 101.8. Okay, so she has a fever. But she insisted on getting her "babing suit" on and running through the hose with the kids, and we went on cleaning.

That night Chloe and I stayed up a little late. She was talking online to someone, and looking online for wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, etc.. (Ask her, not me. She's got this thing for it.) Anyway, I was too tired to watch anymore. I went upstairs and daddy asked me to carry Olivia from their bed to her bed in the attic. I picked her up and she felt pretty hot. I covered her up with a blanket, that she stubbornly kicked off in her sleep. I then proceeded to do "my things" i.e., read my bible, write in my journal, etc., etc.. I was just on the brink of sleep when I heard a moan, and then crying. I came back to reality, noticed that Chloe wasn't upstairs yet, and then went to Olivia, who lay crying in her sleep. I picked her up and started to sooth her. I noticed then that her skin was as hot as coals, and expected every minute for her to blow up. (Just kidding.) But she settled down, although she was really restless, and then I covered her up and went back to sleep.

Chloe came upstairs, but because the air conditioner was on (she cannot STAND air conditioners) she went downstairs to Peter's room. Olivia started crying in her sleep again, but I combined it in with some weird dream I was having, and didn't wake up. (I only know she was really crying because Chloe told me so the next morning.) Today Olivia's fever is gone, but she goes around telling everyone that it isn't in her skin, it's in her blood. She is still a little weak, and tired, and lays around on the couch, while we continue to arrange, clean, etc.. Hopefully this will be our last day. Mommy has this thing with vacuuming, though... She's always at it.

I can't really remember what the point of this post was supposed to be... But it's just a post, so I'll leave it at that without any point, except that now you know what happened with me and my sister last night. :)

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