Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Do You Look Like This When You Wake Up?

I just want to take a brush and comb my hair out SO badly whenever I see this picture! It drives me crazy! :)


Sprinkles said...

No, i dont look like that when i wake up, i look worse. :D

AGGHHH! youre right, i just wanna grab a brush and attack your head in that picture!

~the jordan

Darby said...

I look worse too! :) My hair is down to the middle of my back.... so it has a mind of it's own in the morning. :)

Olivia Howard said...

hmmm... Am I the only one whose hair behaves? Sometimes I don't even have to brush it... :-) Yes, I know you are jealous, just know that it USED to look so bad and be so tangled I couldn't brush it for weeks!

Anyway-- I'm a prissy girl whose hair behaves. Yours doesn't. Haha. :-D