Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Little Knock In The Head...

Ruby is setting the table.

Ruby hears a whimpering by the buffet.

Ruby sees Gabriel hunched over.

Ruby starts laughing.

Gabriel: "Ruby it's not funny! (whimpering) I... hit... my... head..."

Ruby: "I know... I saw... (sarcastically) oh Gabriel, it'll be okay! I'm sorry!"

Gabriel: "Stoppit! It's not funny! (tries not to laugh)"

Ruby goes over to Gabriel.

Gabriel takes his arm down from his head.

Ruby sees a little red spot on his shirt.

Ruby wonders: "How did he get that red spot there to make me believe he's really hurt.

Ruby glances at his head, and a moment later rushes him into the bathroom.

"Daddy, daddy! Look at Gabriel!"

Daddy looks at Gabriel.

Daddy says: "Quick! Get the camera!"

Hence the below picture...

As Monk would say....

"Here's how it happened...."

The sound of piano music from the family room drifted into the kitchen.  Pianist Brooke Hopkins was right in the middle of his third piano lesson for the day.  The young student was playing a Sonatina by F. Kuhlau.   Gabriel was in the kitchen... picking at anything that was edible.  He then thought that he would steal into the music room to check something on dad's computer.  The piano music kept on drifting... and drifting... Gabriel took big strides towards the family room, closing the basement door to get by.  But as he was closing it, it bounced off of his foot (he had closed it so fast that it bounced off of his foot...) however, he had kept his upper body moving, and he door hit his head, and penetrated ALL THREE layers of skin, arousing the blood found there, which flowed angrily down his face.  Gabriel put his face in the crook of his elbow and whimpered.  Because Gabriel doesn't cry.  But he does whimper. 

The End.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I am terriby sorry for Gabriel! The fissure doesn't look good. :-( I all too well know what that is like. When I was eight, the exact same thing happened to me. I was running through the house and I came too close to our mantelpiece. I collided with one of the projected corners and it tore into the left side of my head creating about a 1/2 - 3/4 inch gash. It knocked me dazed to the ground and all I can really remember is that after a while I put my hand to my head and then drew it back, only to find it varnished in lustrous scarlet. Then I became cognizant of blood running down my face, into my left eye, and all through my hair. Oh gosh, it was horribly eerie and frightening. Mom languished and nearly swooned when she saw me in that state. After a blood infusion and stiches, however, I regained my status among the inspirited living. But this is something I would never ever ever wish on anyone else. Poor Gabe. I hope it does not bother him for long. I remember that for some time I could not sleep on that side with out getting pain. I hope he is in a better situation. Oh my, well, these vicissitudes happen. Not the cessation of life, but not a pleasant incident either. I wish him the best. :-/

James said...

Poor guy. I hope that he is OK.

Hannah L. said...

*Laughs and shakes head*

That picture gave me quite a turn! Poor guy. I hope he's doing better now?


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Yup, everyone, he's doing just fine! he laughed a long time about it. :)

Ashlee said...

O, this story made my day. How much I love Gabriel's whimpers. :)