Monday, February 15, 2010

I Was Cleaning My Room....

and i found this. I wonder where I was going with it? i wrote it in november of 2008 when i was reading Lord of the Rings for the hundredth time... got inspired, i guess by Tolkien, but I can't remember what the rest of it was going to be. Oh well.

Under tree, earth, and stone
An ancient people dwell
Diminished is their flesh and bone
Their tales no man can tell.

It's morbid, isn't it?

oh well. :P

I was thinking about how there are great people that are remembered in this life... but without the minor people in their lives, and in the generations before them, they would have never become great.  There are obscure people in history, who, because they existed and did certain things, helped bring about God's plan for the greater people.  Just because they are obscure does not mean they are less important.  They felt things too.  They felt pain, misery, sorrow, joy, love, bliss, anger, happiness.  They felt the same things we feel, and yet, they are unremembered by man.  Their stories are lost in the whirlwind of history.  Their lives are insignificant... not even their names are remembered!

I am not remonstrating.... this is obviously God's plan.  Those obscure people are part of his plan, too, and by being part of his plan they helped bring about his will.  Everybody has a significant role in this world—no one was placed here without a purpose.

But here is what I wonder... What part did they play in the great scheme of things?  What was their role? Who were their friends? How did they die? Did they ever have the joy of being saved by Christ? What were the like? What sorts of things did they think and feel?  Their lives were probably as tumultuous, adventurous, and exciting as many of the novels we read.  But who were they?

I wonder...

Their tales no man can tell. 

But God hasn't forgotten them, has he? How can he forget what he created, what he brought about, what he planned?  No, he hasn't forgotten them... He knows their stories.

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