Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm From the Department of Redundancy Department

So, I know that I've posted this before... I know I've posted a lot of things before that I post again, but I can't help it!  When I feel like it applies so well, I just have to use it again.  So, without further ado... Eagerly anticipating my favorite season, Spring, being so near at hand... and yet with everything still bare and dreary, here is a passage from Robinson Crusoe which fairly describes my attitude towards the weather. :)

"There are some secret moving Springs in the Affections, which when they are set a going by some Object in view, or be it some Object, though not in view, yet rendered present to the Mind by the Power of Imagination, that Motion carries out the Soul by its Impetuosity to such violent eager embracings of the Object, that the Absence of it is insupportable." (Robinson Crusoe)

I really want Spring. Really really bad. The snow is pretty and everything, but I love hearing the rain on my roof, and think of it cleansing the earth... and I love to think of the earth coming alive... and I love to watch the green tint on the trees when the buds are finally on the trees, but haven't fully developed into... uh... leaves.  And I love to feel the warm breeze on my face, and I love to wake up to the birds singing, and I love to hear the thunder, and... I just love everything about Spring.  It's the season of new birth... if you think about it.  Everything is cold, and dead, and hard.  And then in Spring, everything turns warm... everything is alive... everything is warm. :) 

Spring will come... I'm trying to wait patiently... but the "absence of it is insupportable."


Ryan Turnewitsch said...

HAHAHA Love the title to this!

And you know what? I work at the Circumlocution Office.

"Well now wait ... look here ... now upon my soul ... look here ... why man! you can't just come barging in here ... upon my soul ... demanding all these things ... upon my soul ... I never was so insulted ...."

:-D Relished that part!

James said...

But when spring comes that means that I will have to earn $ by mowing lawns. and that just is not fun. Period.
(I am excited about spring, just not the mowing lawns part.)