Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Today I turned sixteen.  Everything's gone by so fast, but there's not really anything you can do about it... So. I'm sixteen. :)

Miss Ellie was so kind... Somebody told her before we
arrived that it was my birthday.  She greeted me this morning with a huge grin, a happy birthday, and a hug.  And after lunch, she announced that since it was a special day, she had a "special dessert". 

 So it's been a good day. And what better way to celebrate than spending seven and a half hours on your way to London?!


Rach said...


(ya happy?)

Ashley said...

Ruby!!! at least I got to see pictures of you on your birthday *sobs* since I didn't actually see you on your sweet sixteenth :( LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...


Yes, I love it when you forget my birthday and I have to remind you. ;-) Haha, thanks. Yes, I'm happy.


Well, you sent me the nicest email instead. :D Although I would have given... a lot to see you. :)

Love you both! :)