Friday, August 28, 2009

Journey To London: First Stage

 I'm sorry for the long lapses in between posts... It has been a busy month. Some of you who read my sister's blog at Holy Magnolias, may have seen there that we are effecting a trip to the UK on Sunday.  Long story, but flights were much cheaper out of Philadelphia, so we have to be at that airport on Sunday. The first stage of this journey to London is over.  We are staying at my Nana's house in Lewisburg, PA.  Yesterday, daddy drove Chloe and I halfway, and Nana picked us up and drove us back. A very uneventful trip.  Granddaughters do what they love best: talk.  Talked about the latest happenings, and filling Nana in on every single detail.

Chloe seems to be a little... confused as to which country we're visiting...
Anyways, I hope to continue posting while I'm in London - maybe you shouldn't count on it, but I hope to.  I have my camera, and my laptop, and everything I'd need to do it, so hopefully.

We are going to London because my aunt who is a professor at a college, is leading something called Bucknell (the college she works at) in London.  She's there for the first semester, and has her own flat in zone 1 of London.  So... we decided we needed to go visit her for a few weeks. :D

Pray for our safety physically - and spiritually (as this will be our first time in a socialist nation :-|).


Hannah L. said...

Rach told me you're going to see As You Like It at the GLOBE!!!!???? That's awesome...

Rach said...

Aw Chloe...I love you. And your strange ways.

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...


Yupp, we are! :D And we have to stand for a whole three hours in the "groundling" section, because it's apparently the traditional way. :D I'm excited.

Yeah... don't we all?