Saturday, August 29, 2009

Journey To London: Second Stage

Here we are sitting in Wilmington Delaware at Miss Ellie's house.  Last year when our family went on a vacation to Cape Henlopen Delaware, we staid at Miss Ellie's house while dad did a concert at her church.  We had never met her before, but she kindly offered us her home. She is the perfect example of a hostess. :)

Tonight we arrived after a chaotic day to a dinner of stuffed porkchops, applesauce, french bread, fresh tomatoes and mashed potatoes. Yummy!

We had tons of fun the way here. In anticipation of our trip, Chloe and I could not for the life of us stop laughing. We laughed most of the way here... Especially when we saw signs like this one, under a Holiday Inn: "Free room with purchase of room key." :P

So the second stage has been covered. And hopefully tomorrow our flight to London will be effected without delays or mishaps.

Continue to pray for us!

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Rachel said...

Porkchopsh and appleshash.