Sunday, August 30, 2009

Journey To London: Third Stage

So we have reached the third stage of our journey: Airport. Destination: London. (:-O)  We have a nonstop flight. I got through security OK.... *sigh of relief* Except, the beeper thing kept going off whenever I went through it, and the security guard decided I had way too many bobby pins in my hair.... So he had to call for some "female assistance" to make sure I wasn't... um... carrying anything suspicious. They decided I was fine, and we were allowed to proceed. But that was the only eventful thing. The last time I went on a plane, I was three. And it wasn't a big deal to me then. And now we're about to fly, and I have butterflies in my stomach at the thought of even taking off. :) I am excited.
 Sisters. Fellow Pilgrims. (not). But.... Fellow Travelers. (yeah). :)
 For my Daddy. :)

The above picture was taken and posted because of a name my dad has - "Broo HopHop." And we thought it was funny, especially since dad's such a coffee person. :)
 Continue to pray!


James said...

Hope you have fun on the way to London.(and when you get there) And, are you sure that you didn't have anything "suspicious"? God Bless.

Angela said...

That is so cute.