Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You Gotta Love the Steelers... And If You Don't, That's Your Problem, Not Mine...

Somebody's happy. :D

Way to go Holmes!! He made the winning catch for the Steelers in the end zone.

Nate Washington....

Roethlisburger and Hines Ward, who smiles through the whole game. Just like Davy Crockett "grinning down a bear" Ward grins down his opponents and it drives them nuts.

I am sorry Kurt Warner....

Boo looking like we just ordered a coffin for him...

"Wahoooo! That's my team baby! THOSE are the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!"

"Thank you so much Harrison!!"

Duncan is wondering why we're taking pictures while the game is on, Peter is enjoying itching his neck, Angela is nervously watching the TV, and Tirzah is bored.

Oh boy...

Now THEY look like Steelers fans...

And she's an adorable Steelers fan. :)

Well? We couldn't take a good picture of us smiling, so we decided to take a bad one of us not smiling... Doesn't that make all the sense in the world?

All us girls victorious... er, rejoicing with the victorious. :)

First quarter...

And Gabriel the Egyptian Pharaoh Steelers fan.


Peeper said...

LOL Ruby, you guys had a fun time, just thought that I would tell you that this post just cracked me up for some strange reason!

se ya soon ;)

~ love, Jordan

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I'm thinkin maybe you guys had more fun then us. OH! Sorry Jordan!! Your dad needs to come over and give my Dad some lessons on staying true to his team, smiling the whole time, (A Hines Wardy lesson) and screaming and playing cool songs on the piano. :)


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Jordan!! It's been awhile since I've had to moderate any of your comments!!!

YEAH! We did have a great time! Of course it cracked you up... The most odd, random things crack you up, it's a fact. :)

Ohhhh you got it girl! Tomorrow night!!


Of course we did. Because the Hopkins know HOW to have fun. Yeah... I noticed you said your dad didn't cheer or nuttin. No disrespect towards your honourable and respected father, (who is my second father) but... yeah. Or maybe he's just practicing decorum. Yeah! That's my daddy! :D

Love you both!

darby said...

Looks like y'all had a fun party! I'm happy the Steelers won of course, but I do rather wish that someone other than smelly pre-teenage boys could have come over to watch the game with my brother and I. Well, my best friend WAS there, but she was rooting for the Cardinals so it didn't count. :D