Monday, February 16, 2009

Romeo And Juliet Paper Written At Age Nine....

And yes, complete with original spelling and grammar....

Romeo And Juliet (Narration)

There was once a place in Italy. a city in Italy and in this city there lived two Ruel (Note: this is supposed to be royal... :P) familys the Capulets and the montages who lived across from eachother. Thay always had wars small wars in the market place. Romeo, a hansome man, was a Montagu. he loved a girl named Roslind but she did not care for Poor Romeo. As he was camplaining to his freinds, a servent from the Capulets came to them with a list of peapel to go to Lord Capulets huose and feast but as the poor man could not reed Romeo helpd him and who shell he find but Roselinds name at the top of the list. Romeo decided to go to the feast and find Roselind. But when he got there with a mask on he cought sight of a bautifull girl named Juliet. he said something and his vaise was remeberd by a capulet. But as he was to be killed by that capulet Lord Capulet orderd that he did no harm. but the capulet did not listen and draw his sword was banished from the feast. Bothe Romeo and Juliet fell in love.

Romeo, that night climd the capulets wall and he hid in the dark. He heard Juliet winning (whining) for him, Romeo. Then Romeo went from his hiding place and Juliet saw him and was very happy. There was nothing better that Juliet liked than a wedding. So Romeo and Juliet decided to wed. So that after noon thay were mairred secretly in a kind friyers sell. after thay were mareid, Romeo wasmarcet place when A capulet killd Romeos freind and Romeos friend died in Romeos arms with in two mitents Romeo struck the capulet. this capulet was Juliets cusein! Then Romeo was banished from the city of vrenen. Juliet was winning that her cusen was dead but most of all she longd for Romeo. then Juliets Mother and father orderd Juliet to merry a capulet. Juliet did NOT want to merry this capulet. So she went to the friyer and told him her trubles. the kind man gave her some magic potshon. Juliet drank this and fell into a deep sleep. When Juliets maid came into Juliets room and saw her on her bed dead She was horefiyd. Now the monk was sending news to Romeo that he had gave Juliet some magic potshon and Juliet would not die. But bad news travles faster than good news does. And so Romeo decided to go to the city of Vrenen and die with he bautifull wife Juliet. Romeo took along with him poison strong enough to kill twontey men.

When he was there he went to the tomb where Juliet was to be bured. When he got to the tomb he knelt becide the girl and said, I drink to you Juliet. and then he kissed his wife one last time drank the poison and then he, Romeo, died in Juliets tomb. Then when Juliet awoke and yeld in a soft sweet vose, Romeo sweet Romeo I'm here Juliet. but then she saw him dead at her side she said oh Romeo did the fryer not send word to you? but he was dead and cuold not answer. When she saw the poison bottle and she relized he was dead. Then she took it hopeing there was still some poison in it but of course Romeo was not a sloppy drinker so of course there was none left. So she kissed Romeo's lips hopeing he had spilld a little but of course Romeo was not a sloppy drinker so of course there was none left. And so Juliet started to cry as she cryd she grabd Romeos dagger because she could not live without Romeo so she grabd his dagger amed it at her heart stabd herself and gasped. oh Romeo. and died.



Anonymous said...

Ha ha, she couldn't reed and you could speeel.
Ha ha! That's so cute!!
You remind me of Tirzah. Tearza. DId I spell it right?
Juliet was supposed to merry a capulet. Is it some friyer??


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

No, you're right. I couldn't read or write, and I was so illiterate! :P Well.. I was nine. Tirzah could probably write better than that. :P

Stop makin' fun of me! :)