Monday, February 23, 2009

Hunters Inc.

Dad and Peter, second or third year of hunting, and I think those two does are Nora and Dora. I kinda forget though. :P

The much-belov-ded buck, who has no name. :(

It's amazing some of the things daddy shoots!! :P


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I can't WAIT for you guys to come hunting again! Come one come all!

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Yeah! Me neither!! Remember what Peter said we would be like if we hunted together? "You shoot it." "No you shoot." "Okay I'll shoot." "No let me shoot it." Bam. "You gut it." "No you gut it." "Okay I'll gut it." etc. We would too, I think. :P Are you hunting this year Rachel? I hope so!!!