Monday, March 1, 2010

Kind and Merciful God...

King and merciful God, 
we have sinned in your sight,
we have all wandered far from your way;
we have followed desire,
we have failed to aspire
to the virtue we ought to display.

Kind and merciful God,
we've neglected your Word
and the truth that would guide us aright
we have lived in the shade
of the dark we have made,
when you willed us to walk in the light.

Kind and merciful God,
we have broken your law
and in conduct have veered from the norm;
we have dreamed of the good,
but the good that we could
we have frequently failed to perform.

Kind and merciful God,
in Christ's death on the cross
you provided a cleansing from sin;
speak the words that forgive
that henceforth we may live
by the might of your Spirit within.

Kind and merciful God,
bid us lift up our heads
and command us to rise from our knees;
may our hearts now be changed
and no longer estranged,
through the pow'r of your pardon and peace.

Bryan Jeffrey Leech, 1973 (Traditional Swedish melody)

If nothing else, these words should humble us.  We are constantly straying, and yet God is always merciful to his beloved... such wretches as we are, we don't deserve such mercy and kindness!  It should make us bow our heads in submission... That he can be so perfect, and we cannot be anything but sinful... and yet, we are cleansed by this perfect God, that we may dwell with him in eternity.

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Anonymous said...

Particularly like the final stanza of that poem.