Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hold Your Horses!

I'm going away.

To the land where dreams roar.

To exist in an epoch of... of... scratch that one.

Okay, nevermind. This just is not coming out the right way. Ah well, I tried.

You probably won't hear from me for a week or two.  I don't know why I'm warning you, but I thought I would anyways, because I have a whole bunch of random pictures that I wanted to do as a last post. You know, in case I get killed or something.

Spring is coming, by the way.  Today was in the 60's.  I hope everybody got out to get their Vitamin D.  I stayed inside and cleaned my room... but the windows were still open.

I could say something like, "my lamp is blue, and my books are red" but that is completely unnecessary, however true.

This is my sister. And me. I can't wait till summer. My sister does wear glasses... sorta.

Why do I post pictures of my brothers eating black beans and rice? I don't know.

But it is cute that they sit in the same chair.

And that they love each other.

This is my daddy.  My daddy paints houses... sometimes.  He paints them in his sleeveless Pittsburgh sweatshirt.  And he gets cuts on his forehead. :(  He looks like a hard working man. :D He IS.

Oh look. A tower.  The sun made all the stone buildings look golden and sandy that day.  This is in Bath.

That's my sister. She's not posing.

This has a cute story.  We knew that this young man was going to do something very important... because he walked in the bus station.  He stood against the wall.  He checked his watch.  He walked in circles.  He sat down.  He stood up.  He looked out the window.  He checked his watch. Etc.  He was carrying a small leatherbound book or journal, and half a dozen pink roses.  Think me crazy, but it was so sweet I had to get a picture of him... and try to do it while he wasn't looking.  He was waiting for a very special person. It was sweet when she got out of the bus.

Oh look. There's me. Oops. That's a bad picture.

*sighs*  I love Autumn in the cemetery.  I love it when the leaves are this red.

We do the same sort of routine when we go to the cemetery.  We always go to see this statue, because it's one of our favorites.  And Chloe and I sit there and dream.

And we have a contest... whoever gets to the pillars last has to be Samson.  Since I was the designated photographer (bad choice) and since I was so enraptured by the... uh... graves... I was the last one. Oh well. I didn't even try that hard to break the pillars, as you can see.

I miss him.  He's been visiting Nana for a week.  I miss all his little theological remarks and questions... He used to bounce on my stomach as a baby as hard as he could saying: "Doctrine, doctrine!"

I'm on the phone... "Hello?" "Oh, hi Ruby this is Luther!!"

Talk about timing!


Anonymous said...

Soooooo you are withholding the rest of the "sweet" story ... or are you? Did she like his roses? Happy ending? Not that I care but after all, if it wasn't a happy ending, dude really deserves sympathy.

Yeah, got my Vit. D today. Lots of it.

Mostly neat pics - except Chloe reaching for her napkin. Anyway, an irregular comment to an irregular post.

Emma Howard said...

LOVE your "Sampson" outfit Ruby! It's SOOOOO cute! And Chloe is beautiful as always. :-)
I really like that statue too. Now *that* is what an angel should look like. Not a fluffy, naked baby or long-haired women. THAT *points to screen* is an angel. :-)
Anyway, love your random posts and I totally sympathize with you and the desk... me too. :-)