Monday, March 8, 2010

The Desk

You aren't allowed to make fun of me. I forbid it.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having my own desk.  I dreamed of doing my math at it.  Maybe the desk would help math be more interesting, because to me, a desk was absolutely romantic and idyllic.

But I never really got a desk.  It remained as a sort of childish dream.  And a few days ago, when mommy and daddy said they thought I needed a desk, I grinned and smiled like a baby.

I was so excited.

The desk that I was to have belonged to my great uncle when he was young.  It was an old-fashioned roll-top desk that had three drawers on the side, a draw inside, and a drawer "beneath" so to speak. I. was. so. excited.

And I got that desk! My aunt and uncle were kind enough to bring it when they came to visit.  It has a little chair, and it's just perfect! It's not big, but I feel so nice and cozy when I sit down at it.  And the thing I love about it is that it belonged to my Nana's brother, that it's old and old fashioned, and that it's not perfect in its appearance.  This is my little idyllic desk!

I just had to tell you all that, because I am so excited to have a desk to do stuff at!  I can hardly wait to fix up the corner of my room where it's going to go, and put stuff in it... and... :D I'm happy.  God is so good.  Even though he's made me wait a few years for this desk. :D



Anonymous said...

Why Dearest Ruby did you not post a picture of your desk so that we could enjoy seeing it?

Or better yet, would you be so kind as to post a picture for us?

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Dear Anonymous,

I was afraid to post a picture, because it might disappoint my readers. The desk is, true, nothing beautiful to look at, but I have a strange, fast love for it and its oldness...

But I shall think about posting one. :-)

Hannah L. said...

OOOOHHH!!! I'm thrilled for you! Desks are WONDERFUL, and I've been so happy ever since mine got moved to my bedroom. Sitting and writing at a a a room decorated exactly to my taste...


Anonymous said...

Hey that's great. Nothing childish about dreaming of one. Every person has something which is to them somewhat chimerical. Glad you got one. Yes, give us a picture of your new bucolic bureau. :-)