Thursday, April 29, 2010

Desk Pictures

*drumroll please*

Well, due to lack of working USB cords, I wasn't able to get the pictures into the computer right away... So I am sorry they are a little late. But for those of you who were curious as to see what  my desk looked like, I posed the following pictures - just for you! :)

The Desk. I think I should name it... any idears?

My dried rose! I have an obsession with drying flowers.  They make me thoughtful.

I put all of my poetry books on top of the Desk. I like how it looks. :D


Hannah L. said...

*Sniff* That's beautiful...especially with the books on top...and the rose...

:-) Ooooh, yes. A desk with so much character deserves a good name. Male or female???


Bethany A. said...

Beautiful. :) :)

Anonymous said...

How about Sophia for the name of your desk? I think Sophia means "Love of Wisdom" which would be a rather appropriate name for a desk where you think. :) :)

- Maureen Jane Carey

Anonymous said...

Drying roses make me think of the passage of time and that all that is beautiful must decay. As the poet says, "Nothing gold can stay". We see beauty and decay at the same time. So, we think what is the point of something being beautiful if it'll just decay over time.

Maybe the point of beauty is to cherish it while it is still there and to appreciate it while it lasts.
Beauty is fragile and fleeting, but keep on writing, Ruby for words last forever. :)

- Maureen Jane Carey