Monday, April 19, 2010

Optical Illusions

Actually, I'm not quite sure what an optical illusion is.  I have a very faint idea, but I think that hardly counts.  My very faint idea is when the mental image is different from the physical image.  Is that very far off track?

This afternoon was one of those sleepy ones.  The kids were playing outside, and mommy and Chloe had a nap, so the kitchen was really quiet while I was making dinner.  But I needed help.  I require strange help... I found it in a dead person. (I think I hang out with dead people way too much.)  Dvorak lent me the support of his music, and I helped him along with my cooking.  The smells I created inspired his beautiful melodies, and the music he created inspired my food.  I realized that we had the same things going on.  He was creating something intangible by using so many tangible things... Something to hear that agrees with the soul.  By a string of notes, woven together, from different instruments, he made his symphony... I used spices... each one distinct in its taste, and yet when combined together gave one distinct taste that was (I hope) appetizing.  This was something tangible that was physically appealing.

I say a score on the guacamole!  Who doesn't like it?  Speak up! :)  My little sister Tirzah hates it.  She used to hate it with a passion, but I can't say she does anymore.  She willingly tasted it, and actually liked it!  It made me so happy!

And as a last thought from Genii:

"Oh look, it's Cleopatra and Caesar.  And look, they're bringing a salad!"

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Ashlee said...

Ruby Dear, you have a beautiful mind. I wish I could live in the company of its thoughts for one entire day.
I imagine someday your mind will delight a very happy man. :)