Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Post With No Name

Hey y'all!

It's been awhile since I posted... Sorry 'bout that. At any events, I've found some things to post about....

On July fourth a lot of families met at the Clarkes to have a time of fellowship with each other. Even though the knights in shining armor decided that the damsels needed to be in distress, thereby "helping" them into the cold pond, the damsels were quite forgiving as they readily saw that the knights in shining armor were under-aged and yet in training. :D

Peter agreed to "bounce" the kids on the trampoline. Or, using his weight to bounce them with force high into the air...

This picture was the best yet of the activity... Click on it to see Rachel's expression. :D

Daddy and Mommy found this little baby bunny on a walk. Actually, they were on a walk and Asher the dog "found" it, and they rescued it from his jaws.... It was a cute little thing, although awfully shaken up. She liked sleeping in the pocket of my hoodie, though. The Connor family took her home to care for her. As for as I know she's still alive, and named Miss BunBun. :)

Well... What can I say! Chloe and I were terribly hungry late one night... And would you imagine it? The only thing to eat was ice cream. Unfortunately, the ice cream was unopened.... Problem easily solved: open the ice cream. We at it not be taking scoops, but by shaving off thin layers. Then we carved on the surface: "Chloe and Ruby were here" so that Gabriel, the ice cream police, would not have to go searching through the house finding the culprits. :D

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