Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hullo y'all,

I have decided to make my blog private... In other words, only people I invite can read it. If there's anyone who follows anonymously, and you still want to, please let me know by posting a comment on this post. This could only be for a few weeks/months or permenantly. I'll put it on private next Wednesday.

Thank you!



Hannah L. said...

Hey, Ruby,
Do you mean we have to have, like, a private sign-in?
Do I count as anonymous?


Jeff said...

I'd still like to follow, if you don't mind a guy continuing to read along. I really do enjoy it. :-)


A Schemologist said...

Hello Ruby,

Very sagacious decision in my opinion. I would like to join Jeff if you don't mind two guys following along ...

I wonder if I need to go to the Courthouse to obtain exemption papers. My accountant will get in touch with you as soon as I finish our merge with Miss Rachel Clarke, B.M., CEO and Founder of Face Scrubbers International. You know I can realy use those barges of hers on my ports in Mumbai, Kochi, and Colombo. So when we finish that transaction I'll see what I need to do to be on the "Machinators of Cleveland Heights."

Let me know what the requisite actions are to still have access.

R.D.T. B.M.
Dean for International School of Commentology. (I.S.C.)
Vice President for Face Scrubbers International (pending)

Anonymous said...

hi Ruby
i enjoy reading your blog.

Anna meng

Ashlee said...

of course you must add me... :-D Love the Hickville pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ruby!
I love your blog... you have to add me :D
Love ya!

James said...

I would like to follow.
-James G.