Thursday, January 8, 2009

An Interesting Sequence

The chivalrous gentlemen.

Peter complacently stands by ready to attack, and Duncan stands defiantly unaware, it seems, that his last minutes on earth are inevitable. :P

But now Duncan has finally put a look of painful surprise on his face as the sword plunges, and Peter, still with little effort, still stands complacently.

"Don't you know, you fool, you never can win!"

Unfortunately we didn't get enough pictures! There should have been one of Duncan on the floor, but it was so spontaneous that we didn't plan far enough. :P These were actually taken in August of 2007, and the costumes were made for the Jamestown 400. And yes, Chloe did make them all. :D


Olivia Howard said...

LOL! That's rather funny. Just rather. :-) What's with the big black fabric in the living room?!?

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Well, we have a friend who likes to take our pictures... professionally. So that was like the background. A big black fabric(ed) drop cloth thingamajig. :)