Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Tragedy of Rhoda Kelly

(Don't I look happy? :D) A few nights ago, Peter and Chloe were going home from somewhere (I can't tell where, because it's a secret *wink*) and there was a deer on the side of the road that had been hit 4 minutes ago earlier. The policemen were present, and when Peter stopped, they asked him if he wanted her (obviously being a doe.) Of course Peter wasn't going to just pass this by, so he stuck it in the back of Nana's car and drove it home... Now, since I've been wanting to hunt for the past three years, and it had never worked out, Daddy thought this would be the opportune moment for me to learn a few things about the sport. Firstly, how to field dress it.

Of course as I was not experienced in the art of field dressing, daddy had to tell me what to do and everything like that... I would go into detail, but I'll save some of you that experience. (Olivia would be one whom I know would not appreciate this. :P) But I will say that before I was open to the idea of maybe not liking hunting. I thought that maybe it would sound fun now, but then after I had experienced it I might be completely grossed out!! However, I actually loved the entire process, and enjoyed myself immensely. I told daddy that I was having quality girl time with the deer... Which he named Rhoda Kelly.

So, I'm sure you all didn't need to know that!! And I realize that it might have been inconsiderate of me to post these pictures of bloody me, so if any of you feel offended, then please know that I am really very sorry... Not sorry that I posted the pictures, but really sorry that I offended anyone by them. :D (Is that insensitive for me to say that? I am sorry if it was.) Oh, I suppose this is the apology paragraph. I guess I'm just feeling like I am having a conversation with someone. I think I talk too much, especially on my blog, so that ends this post. :P


Olivia Howard said...

LOL! At least you look fabulous while slaugtering the deer... ;-D I thought I would hate disection-- but ended up thinking it was pretty cool. But a deer... maybe not so much. Daddy thought Rachel was joking when she said Peter had picked up road kill... :-)

Love ya!

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Haha, nope, he actually did. I was surprised too, but thankful that it happened, obviously.... Rhoda actually tastes really good. We had her on Sunday... :P

Hannah L. said...

Wow--that's awesome, Ruby! My Dad doesn't hunt, so I've obviously never done anything like that, but it is a good thing to know how to do! (I don't mind the pictures at all. *Grin*)


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Dear Hannah,

Haha! Thanks! I loved it so much! Quality time with the deer... *sigh* you should try it sometime. Chloe is making fun of me because the other day I told her, "I really feel like gutting a deer right now..." :P Well, Lord willing next fall I'll get out there and do the real thing. :) I am excited! Oh good, I'm glad you don't mind. :)