Saturday, August 23, 2008

L'etat D'un Journaliste Malade

Unfortunately, I am laid up in bed. The only reason I'm down in the ghastly basement is to post and tell you why I'm not posting. I have about 100 and some pictures that I have intended to post for your amusement, but regrettably do not have the strength or patience to go through the long tedious process of posting them.

My brother Peter tells me I am sick because I am "teething" as he loves to call it whenever someone has their wisdom teeth coming in. I am of the mind that it is a combination of that, and of the fact that I was working with dust all day Thursday (I can be allergic to dust on occasion) and that I slept in the damp basement for two nights, which I am not accustomed to.

There is this big red thing across my screen at the moment that says "ERROR" and a little yellow triangle outlined in black, with a black exclamation point in the middle at the bottom of the screen, alongside wich there are little red letters that tell me in the kindest language imaginable: "Autosave failed." Lovely.

So, I shall now retire back to my lonely and very hot couch (seeing as the weather is rather humid) to read Vanity Fair, or rather the last 70 pages there are to read. Oh, Vanity of vanity... All is vanity, my dear blog readers, and please never forget that.

(Those are my last words to you in case I should die pretty soon.... I am sick with my own diagnosis, and it usually ends in death... Should that be the case, I love you you all dearly as brothers and sisters in Christ, and will pray for you as Paul did for his beloved brethren. Oh, and please attend my funeral. I am sending all the details to my pastor tomorrow, along with an apology for my absence in services.)

Most Jokingly and Sincerely,

~Ruby Jean Hopkins


Anonymous said...

hello dear Ruby,
I've been praying for your speedy recovery. :( that post was funny. :D What kind of food will be at the funeral? May I choose the menu?


Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor dear!


Olivia Howard said...

awww! I wish I could be there to wipe your fevered brow! :-P I can't wait to see you ALIVE in Delaware!

~Olivia who doesn't like this as last words from you before I cross the pond... :-( Love you!~

Anonymous said...

Please pray for me!

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Dear Rachel,

Yeah, sure, you can choose the menu. I was thinking about possum gizzards, but I'm not sure.

Thanks, Hannah, I'll HOPEFULLY be better soon, although I had to spend all of today in ed too... :P

Dear Olivia!

How very poetic. :) except for the fact that I don't got none fever. :P Unfortunately... The POND??? Ohh wonderful. Yeah, just an itsy bitsy pond-- nothin to it right?? IT'S THE ATLANTIC!!! haha jk.

Dear Anonymous,

Well, I have to admit that it is kind of hard to pray for someone when you don't even know what their name is, or what their problem is. But I'm guessing it's Olivia. And if it's not, I'm sorry, and of COURSE I'll pray for you!!!!!! :)