Thursday, August 28, 2008

d'Auteur Toujours Défectuosité Avec Le Diagnostic !

... Well, sad to say, I have been diagnosed with this Hands Feet and Mouth virus disease or whatever you would like to call it. I had it in my mouth, for the name part of it. A few sores here and there on my gums, so I didn't have it seriously. But the recovery was still heavy. Extreme fatigue and weariness, headaches, cold, loss of appetite, earlier on a sore throat, and stuff like that. I didn't feel like talking much, or eating, and it wasn't because of the sores in my mouth because they didn't bother me that much. I just didn't feel like doing anything that involved the movement of the mouth. I usually said as little as possible, and if possible, said "Yes" or "No" using nods and shakes of the head. So, forcing myself to recover in time for my birthday, I decided to get dressed yesterday. And I did! (Imagine that.) Doing a ponytail with my hair took more energy than I thought. I felt like I could lay down on the couch again! And Chloe told me to "fix myself up" which usually means mascara. It wore me out just to put a little makeup on!! :) Then we walked to CVS to get nail polish remover. (What girls we are...) You can imagine that not feeling like talking or eating, or walking, or doing anything, leaves much time and even more for reading, which takes hardly any physical energy (for me, that is) at all. So, I finished Vanity Fair, started the Chronicles of Narnia on Monday, and should have the series done by tonight.

So you see, when I said I expected to be well on Tuesday, I was actually in bed, doing nothing but reading, and feeling very week and engergy-less indeed. Which just goes to show that no one can tell what in the world is gonna happen. :)

I hope and pray to be well by Saturday. :)

~Ruby Jean


Anonymous said...

My goodness! I'm so sorry you're ill, my dear Ruby! I will be praying for you.

So how was vanity fair???


Olivia Howard said...


:-(((( How was your birthday? I've thought of you often! Happy Belated Birthday! I would have called, but it's a good thing I couldn't! :-D

Love you dearly, dear, and recover quickly! Delaware is just a few weeks away!

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Thank you Hannah!

Oh I loved it! It has definitely made it on to my favorite books list. :)

My birthday was simple, but fun. Sunday we went on a picnic with the Willekes and McMichaels. Now that's what I call fun. :)

A FEW weeks away!!?? Only a week and a half until I see YOU! :) I can't wait!!! I am fully recovered, though still very fatigued.

I love you too, Dear! And I hope your having a unforgettable time in Europe!