Monday, August 18, 2008

A Few Days At Olivia's....

So at OGAL-BEE park, there was this pond... and these two trees, and Olivia really enjoyed having a photoshoot there. I was her victim—although, a most willing victim I must admit— and we took a lot of pictures, trying out different lights and angles, and pretty much practicing Olivia's photography skills. :P

Notice the reflection of the trees in the water. :)

Aww. :)

I think this picture is self-explanatory

On a Monday, the Monday before I left for home, we made a trip up to Cabelas. I was quite impressed by all the dead and stuffed animals, but it was so much fun, and again, their fudge is impeccable. :)

The statue in front of Cabelas.

Reorganizing is FUN!!!! :)

Well, it's okay, I guess....

Olivia doesn't know this yet, but I really like this picture. :)

I thought this one was a bit... odd, but funny, as Olivia looks very young, and I look very weird.

So, I'm over on another side of the room, when I hear this really loud laughing... it came from Olivia, of course, and she was laughing because she was taking the most absurd pictures of herself. Some were quite funny, but they will never make it to the blog. :) Actually, I thought this one was quite nice.

Girls will be girls...

Note: I don't actually use this cheap mascara... Fortunately, Olivia had already bought Maybeline Defin-a-lash by the time I arrived, so we didn't have to use the stuff you see advertised in this picture. :) Olivia and I agreed that the new stuff is much better than that ^ stuff. :) (No offense intended towards Olivia's previous mascara.)

I thought that this would be a good picture to end the post with.... :)


Olivia Howard said...

:-) :-D We had fun, didn't we? oh. I forgot about those bed pictures... :-)
Thanks for not posting the world's worst picture of me... the one you like was fine. :-) I sorta like it, too...

And thanks again for showing me the what it's like to have the joy of the Lord again!

Anonymous said...

I really like the reflection of the tree in the backround of the second picture. That's really nice of you to help them organize. annnddd uh, (hahahahahaha) uhh..bye!


Anonymous said...

hey ruby jean. I like those pictures. Isn't Cabela's AWESOME?!?!?!? i ALREADY TOLD YOU THAT THOUGH.

so uh, I'll see ya tommorow!!! Looking forward to it!


Olivia Howard said...

WHAT!!!!! You get to see Rachel?????!!!!! I want to come, or go!!!!!! Aww... *gets mad*

stupid trip to Europe.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome. Olivia can pull off taking weird pictures of herself--she's a lot more photogenic than I am. :-) Mine look reeelly bad...
Forgive my ignorance, but what is the stuff that you wrote in with your finger (or something like that)??? It's not quite self-explanatory to me!


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Haha, Oh you are welcome! I thought once about it... then thought twice, and it didn't seem like a very nice thing to do. :P

Aw, Janelle! Your first comment on my blog! :) Uh, yeah, thanks... :) Haha, it's kind of like, "Awwwwkward!!" :)

YES! I loved Cabela's! :)

Yeah, well, I wish you could come too, Olivia, but the problem is, your "stupid trip to Europe" is in the way... I'm rather tending to believe that's why it's stupid. But just as you're envious of Rachel right now, I am rather envious of you and Paris!

ohhh Hannah! It's ok! I actually meant by "self-explanatory" that what it said was self-explanatory... However, it was butter in a baking dish. We were getting ready to put Apple-Crisp in it. :P :) Don't worry—Our hands were perfectly clean :)

Aw, I love you all!! :)


Anonymous said...

Ahhh--gotcha. And by the way, I WOULD have done it with my fingers, so I wouldn't care about that. (I have six brothers, you know. :-))