Friday, June 13, 2008


This was supposed to be a picture. The look at Duncan was supposed to mean, "Where's the flash?" Oh, and that's Chloe's hand at the end. :)


pmrjaclarke1 said...

OMM! That's funny! I'll keep looking at your blog for the next month while we're on our trip, so just know I'll always and forever be your faithful blog reader. ;)


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Yes, Rachel, I know that you ALWAYS are... faithful... to read my blogs. :) You are even faithful about telling me when I need to post something new!!! Just teasing you... Thanks for keeping me 'in line'.... Have a fantastic trip! Hope the bathing suits work well!


pmrjaclarke1 said...

Yes, so do I...I'm sure they will. Didn't you help make them? You and Chloe are such fantabulous soers I'm shur it will worck out. :D

Your welcome! :)

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

haha, Actually... I didn't help make them. :) Oh goody. They were so pretty. :) I just hope they get there in time...

Gabriel says you spelled your name wrong... It's "Rashelle" not "Rachelle"... (Personally, I don't really care... but he wanted you to know... :) )

Love you!