Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For Those of You Who Don't Think the Rain is Romantic....

....it totally is!


Olivia Howard said...

I really want to see that version of S&S! Mother and I watched Wives and Daughters today. I daresay you know that the proposal which Molly gets is in the rain. I must say that even though they are 10 feet apart it IS romantic!

Right now I'd just like to be outside, rain or shine. I'd even LOVE to see a bug. Or find one in an unpleasent place. Oh well. Contentment is a virtue.

Love yah, dear!

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

....YES2 I did see that!!! And I loved it too! I saw it about three years ago, and ever since then have wanted to get proposed to in the rain... just not ten feet apart! Although, it was understandable because Roger was in a house that was infected with scarlet fever, so he wasn't ALLOWED to get closer... lol. :) Poor Molly. ;-) But I do love that!

Oh Olivia, are/were you confined in the hospital?

I'm praying for you!

Love you!


Olivia Howard said...

I love rain. I think I'd like to be proprosed to in the rain also, although generally I'll take anything-- I mean, I'm not gonna say, "No, I'm not going to marry you because you it isn't raining" and stuff, but I'd like it!

Yes, I'm in the hospital for about another hour or so. Have been since Wednesday. Details on our blog. :-)

Love you Ruby,

Darby said...

LOL i think it totally is... that's like my FAVE part in North and South. :)

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...


yeah... same here... I would PREFER the rain... but any other weather would be fine... I mean for heavens sake your getting engaged!! :) But... the rain... *sighs*... :)


Was there a rain scene in North and South?? I forget... Although, I didn't think I would be one to forget a scene in the rain!!! :) Care to refresh my memory? :)

Darby said...

LOL i meant wives and daughters..... although when she's in the carriage in N and S and it's snowing, that's pretty awesome too. LOL

Sprinkles said...

LOL you people are ridiculous. you silly girls. yet, come to think about it, rain is rather romantic.... with or without the guy. ;)


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...


Lol! I thought so... but I really wasn't quite sure! Ohhhh oh oh! Yes! And he said, "Look back at me" because she had all the other times, but then she didn't, and she left, and his eyes fell with that disappointed look, and you just KNEW that he still loved her, and it was so sweet! ANd I know I"m being SO silly right now and please forgive me but Mr. Thornton is irresistible! :) Done... Yeah, the snow is romantic like the rain, but the snow is cold and icy. :P :)

Jordan, or Sprinkles--

My point exactly! Rain is romantic weather you've got a guy or no, and seeing as I don't have a guy, and I still consider to the rain to be positively romantic (even though I slipped and fell in it today, getting the better half of my body muddy) so I have to state that you are right... But we're not ridiculous. We are young, and we are enjoying our youth. When we get a little older, we might have to leave this dreamy world of romance behind, so that we can mature. But I would like to relish every sweet moment of it that I have! Because my girlhood days aren't coming back! :) And though you guys may laugh at me now because of how dramatic and romantic I am, I will give those things up, when my womanhood comes, and I'm not ready for it yet... I like my girlhood. So there. And the rain is the most romantic thing besides kissing in it (which I dearly wish Molly and Roger could have done). :) I love you guys!


Olivia Howard said...

Jordan I LedOL when I read your comment "rain is rather romantic.... with or without the guy."!

I totally agree! Especially when *none* of us have men yet!

Who said you can't play in the rain when you're an adult? I plan to.

[bold]Ruby, Darby, Jordan,[/b] you girls are the best! You always succeed in making me laugh. :-D

TTYa'll Later!

Sprinkles said...

Im still convinced youre odd Ruby, and I plan on dancing in the rain every chance i get!

The Jordan

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Olivia and Jordan!

O! You both grossly misunderstood me! Of course I'm going to dance in every single drop of rain that falls from heaven! (Exaggeration). I only meant that when I grow up, (if I ever do) I'm going to have to stop "romanticizing" everything, if you know what I mean, so that it will enable me to become more like a woman than a girl... Of course, that time will only come when I start courting or something like that. :) But I'm enjoying romanticizing everything right now! It's just who I am! I mean, for heaven's sake, I used to believe in fairies when I was little, and had a fit when I found out they were "fake," so you see what kind of imagination I have... :) A very romantic one.

And yes, Jordan, I did know that I'm odd. Very odd. So odd that.... well, I won't say it on my blog.
;-) I'll tell you some other time...

Love you guys!

Ruby the Odd

pmrjaclarke1 said...

Even though I think this conversation is really ridiculous, I'm going to join in anyway. :D I think rain can be, or not be romantic. If all your make-up starts smearing, and you hair falls out-I don't like it. Or if it is rain that comes down really really hard so your drenched 4.5 seconds after you step out the door. Or if the dress your wearing is really heavy and you get namoanya (I know it's bad spelling)because it's really full of water and you can't get it out, or if you hate rain in the first place and are allergic to wet grass smell...other then that, it's OK, ok?


P.S. Alot of these are unrealistic but that's Ok when you exagerating, right?

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Dearest Rachel,

Oh cummon. We ARE allowed to be silly ONCE and a while aren't we? Remember you and I that one night... Whew. Good heavens, that was terrible. You know, the night we took all those videos, and we could NOT stop laughing, and we were so afraid your dad would get mad at us! hahaha. The good times. I miss you, buddy. Thanks for your opinion about the rain... I was waiting for it. :-)

Love you,


Anonymous said...

ohhhhh yeah! Man, that was awesome! We really had fun...can we play that again please? :D

Love you too girl-ey!


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Yeah! Of course we can!!! Whoever had so much fun like that before?? Uh, nobody.