Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Emma from Literature and Laughs tagged me in the following post. :)  Here goes...

What are six names you go by? Ruby, Rubert, Rubes, Rubix-Cube, Ruby Jean, Rubs.

What are three things you're wearing right now? A shirt, pajama pants, and blankets. :P

What are three things you want very badly right now?
Halfchaps, snow, and a willing spirit.

What are three things you did last night/ yesterday?
Wrote an essay on early Britain, folded laundry, and cooked meals.

What are two things that you ate today?
Black beans with chicken and rice, and chicken soup.

Who are the last two people you talked to on the phone?
Mother, and Candice (my riding instructor.)

What are two things you're going to do today/tomorrow?
Finish school essays, and books. :D

What are your three favorite beverages? Water... ginger ale... and rootbeer. :D

And now I have to tag people! I tag Chloe at Life In My Strawberry Patch, Jordan at Ramblings of a Princess, and anyone else who wants to do this can say that I tagged them. :) Copy and paste this into a post, delete my answers and put in yours.



Anonymous said...

Now I wish I had a blog to do this :-( although it is rather frivolous.

Rubert, Rubes, and Rubix-Cube are somewhat derogatory names for you.

What is halfchaps?

And rootbear! Oh that makes me think ... "he wanted that beer and he wanted it bad....."

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Halfchaps are "clothing" or "gear" that riders use on their lower leg when they ride. They are usually leather or something like that, and zip up the sides. They protect the shins and the thin layer of skin between the bone and the saddle from getting pinched and stuff like that. :)

But I enjoy being called them. :)

Yes, that was good. :)

James said...

"A Hobbit's tale"? For some reason, You really don't strike me as 3 feet tale and a pipe smoker. on second thought, you are taller than me. And I will continue the tagging process over at
Did you or did you not do a post on the merits of of rootbeer? Oh, that was Ryan. ;-)

James said...

Oh, and Happy Durins Day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my James! for some reason it just isn't right looking up at a girl! :-( There is one girl I know who towers above me and I don't like it one bit. I keenly feel your pain friend....

Yes, that was me who penned the remarkable poem on Ruby's Rootbear Revel. Delightful memories.

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

James -
Well... it's a term of speech, okay? I guess I refer to myself as living more of a hobbit's life instead of being an actual hobbit. :) Is Durin's Day today? I couldn't figure out when it was. :P

Ryan -

Are you calling your poem remarkable?


Anonymous said...

Yeeeeees Rubert, let us ratiocinate. You readily remarked on its risibility. It was recalcitrant, recitativo, recapitulative, and redolent of a little rotund rarity. It was remarkably Ryan.

At least it was more remarkable than your piano piece at your book study last month ..... A rubix-cube works best when BOTH hands are at work, Rubers. Tootles.

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Well, if you are so self-confident... I shall leave you in your state of "blissful pride."

I don't remember that?!

Anonymous said...

Pish Posh

Now you do! :-)