Monday, December 7, 2009


 This is a poem I wrote late one night by a dying fire when I was supposed to be studying Newton's Law.  Well, what can you do when inspiration hits?

 There it is! I see it now!
My doom is inevitable!
A dark, dark wave surges on
It reaches high to the heavens
It stretches to the corners of the earth.
It rises from the depths of the sea
Behold! Doomsday! All will know judgement!
Surely, surely, we will perish!
We are fixed—we cannot move
Some terror grinds our feet to the earth.
Our minds are captive to the wave—
Ever coming—close and closer!
A veil of darkness shrouds the air
We cannot see—our sight is dimmed.
Our wits confounded, we think not right
Only one thing we comprehend—
Death! Darkness! Despair!
Sound the horn, ye vigilant saints!
Our doom is plunging on and on!
The Wave of Woe climbs high and higher
Feasting on all that crosses its path.
Yet as the wave has nearly reached us,
Its yawning mouth op’ning wide
A ray of hope invades our minds
Driving all evil before it.
Behold! A star shines brightly!
And as its light grows brighter still
We must cover our eyes—‘tis too brilliant
We are stricken with a new terror—
The terror of our King’s face!

He gives us strength to bear the sight —
To see him swallow up Death forever.
Clothed in robes of white so pure
Even the Wave quavers at the sight!
In his strong right hand a mighty sword
Sharp and flamed with light.
And in his left he holds a scroll
Behold! The scroll of Prophecy!
He speaks—His voice is terrible to hear—
His words scarcely less so!
But lo! He hath dominion over His Enemy!
O vigilant Saints, rejoice, be glad!
For our Lord has come to claim his Bride
The beautiful one he has chosen and saved
From Death, from eternal despair and death!
O sound the horn, ye vigilant Saints!
Lift high a glad song in the celestial city!
Blessed be our God, who hath spared us!
Never again will we live in fear and anxiety.
Never again will tears stain our shining faces.
Never again will we feel sorrow or pain.
For the Lord has swallowed up Death forever—
Let us hasten to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb!


Tennysongirl said...

Simply WONDERFUL Ruby! I honestly loved it and was moved by it, just as I am by most lovely poems with lovely ideas embedded in them. :-) I just realized how much I miss reading and memorizing poetry! :-P I've been away from school too long. Okay, now I'm starting to ramble. That's my signal to stop with this comment. *Stopping*


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Thank you Emma! I love poetry like that too. There's so much more inspiration in poetry than there is in prose, I think... but then, it's harder to write like Wordsworth and Tennyson than it is to write like Austen. :P