Thursday, October 1, 2009


Emma from has tagged me... So basically what I have to do is write 10 things about me.

1. I read the whole Lord of the Rings series every autumn. (I started this last year.)
2. I read the whole Narnia series every time I get sick. (I've gotten sick once...jk)
3. My eyes are blue.
4. I work on a horse farm with my brother.
5. I have trouble pronouncing new words. (And old ones, like bagel, Taylor, or Stuart.)
6. I have a blog.
7. I dream of writing on a Scandinavian hillside.
8. I went to the UK this fall.
9. My favorite animal is a milk cow.
10. My sister's telling me what to write, but since that isn't about me, I'm writing what my sister is telling me to. :)

And I'll tag:

Chloe at Holy Magnolias!!
Jordan at Ramblings Of A Princess

I know there are more of you that I'd like to tag, but I forget your blog addresses! *whoops* don't worry, I have them stored somewhere... In which case, anyone who wants to be tagged, can be. :)

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