Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Oldest Place My Young Person Has Visited

 The Roman Baths!

 I forget when they were "made" but I know it's pretty old... forgive me for not be up-to-date on my... dates. :P

 The Royal Crescent, built in the 18th century, is a crescent shaped building that's a bunch of joined houses. This picture only shows half of it. 


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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there have not been any comments so far. Maybe we have all been made speechless by the fact you stood beside the Royal Crescent.

How many sectors of the Royal Crescent did you go inside of? I recall seeing in one version of Persuasion a scene where the protagonist (forget her name) comes skipping out of the residence on the right extremity and then runs half the length of the edifice. Anyway, since the camera work was one continues capture from when she was inside the building to when she exited, I recall that the interior was very nice. So, did you tour any of the apartments - if they can be called such?

The Roman baths! Wow, now Ruby did you only take one picture? Maybe on some distant day when you have nothing to do other than saturate spatulas with Rachel's unoffending lipstick, then you could show just one or potentially two more pictures??? To your good, faithful blog readers??? And if you would go to the trouble of showing more photos of the baths, well, is it too impolite of me to request maybe one or two more of the Crescent as well?

So long,