Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bury Thy Sorrow

Go bury thy sorrow, the world hath its share;
Go bury it deeply, go hide it with care.
Go think of it calmly, when curtained by night;
Go tell it to Jesus, and all will be right.

Go tell it to Jesus, He knoweth thy grief;
Go tell it to Jesus, He’ll send thee relief;
Go gather the sunshine He sheds on the way:
He’ll lighten thy burden—Go, weary one, pray.

Hearts growing aweary with heavier woe
Now droop ’mid the darkness—Go, comfort them, go!
Go bury thy sorrow, let others be blessed;
Go give them the sunshine, tell Jesus the rest.

"The au­thor of the hymn was the daugh­ter of a min­is­ter. When she wrote these lines she was liv­ing with her bro­ther, whom she great­ly loved. He also was a min­is­ter, and had the usu­al cares and bur­dens to car­ry that are in­ci­dent to a pas­tor’s life. To him she con­fid­ed all her joys and sor­rows. One day, af­ter hav­ing dis­closed to him some pe­cul­iar tri­al which she was en­dur­ing, she was re­proached by her con­science for hav­ing need­less­ly add­ed to his al­ready num­er­ous cares. She stood by the open win­dow, and saw the long, hea­vy sha­dows cast by the tall pop­lar trees across the lawn, and the thought came to her:

“That is just what I have done to my brother! Why did I do it? Why did I not ra­ther bu­ry my own sor­row, and al­low on­ly words of cheer and bright­ness to reach his ears?”

With such thoughts in her mind, and with tears of re­gret fill­ing her eyes, she re­tired to her lit­tle at­tic bed­room, and there wrote the hymn above."

O! How this makes should make us realize how selfish we can sometimes be! We can be so wrapped up in our own sorrows, that we never look to see whether others are suffering or not, and we needlessly put more on their burden by unloading ours upon them!

This young woman obviously had a selfless demeanor. I do so earnestly wish that I could assume such a position. To abandon our sorrows, and comfort and encourage those around us in whatever grief they might be feeling, would be a way to be looking to the interests of others, as it says in Philippians 2:4.

There are many times when we undergo trials and tribulations of many kinds. Take the instance of Cyrano de Bergerac... the play. He falls in love with the beautiful Roxane, but he is asked to woo her for a more handsome, but less articulate young man, Christian. Cyrano does this, and wins the heart of Roxane... but not for himself—for Christian. The young couple are married and live happily, but Cyrano sacrificed his love for Roxane in order that Christian would be enabled to marry her. He buried his own sorrow deep within his heart, and performed an act of love towards Roxane by wooing her for the man that she would love and be happy with. (Now I'm finding it hard to articulate... I can't seem to say very well what it is I want to say.. :P)

But back to the hymn...

I know from experience that when any member in the family is not happy, it affects everybody else's mood. However, if that person, no matter what they were going through, could offer a cheerful and good-natured word, then who knows what encouragement it would bring! This brings to mind the verse to a poem...

"The ill-timed truth we might have kept—
Who knows how sharp it pierced and stung!
The word we had not sense to say —
Who knows how grandly it had rung!"

I can't seem to express my thoughts the way I want to. That's rather frustrating, you know. But I want to say something along the lines of this...

The people who truly love you care about you (obviously). So, when you are undergoing some affliction, it will matter to them. They will not just pass it by indifferently, but they will fervently pray for you, they will worry about you. And sometimes, you might unburden yourself so much that you never even think of what might be occurring in their soul. They might be happy to simply have you be oblivious to their affliction, but how much better it would be to listen then to talk, to encourage rather than complain! Some people hide their sorrow so well that you would never guess what affliction is occurring in the labyrinth of their soul. Some make their sorrow public. But even so! Whatever it is, we should always seek to be attentive, and to encourage and comfort where it might be needed. :)

But anyhow... I just had some thoughts on that subject that I wanted to share. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ruby! Maureen here.

You mean, that Jesus still cares about even me, with all my faults and shortcomings?

He cares about me and wants me to share everything with Him?

Sometimes, I get very discouraged!

Neighbor in Christ,

Maureen Carey

Anonymous said...

Maureen Carey:

I like what you said about that the people who really love will care about whatever afflictions you may be going through.

It's imperative that people know that they are loved and cared about . It's absolutely essential to one's overall well-being to know that they are loved and cared about and that their problems matter to someone. That's how we as humans thrive, that's how we survive, love enables us to want to see another day.

We must put our differences and reservations aside and come together for the good of the community, for the well-being of another. Everyone has a story that they want to share with another, everyone has a full heart filled with life that they long to share with others. We must give people an opening heart and a willing and listening ear.

People just really need to know that others are there for them, that others care about what they have to say and that they're not just operating alone in a vacuum, without any help, without any love or friends.

Have you ever thought that perhaps writing could be your ministry, or at least one of your ministries? Perhaps you will write books that will change the lives of young people. Perhaps through your writings, many non-believers will come to know and to accept Christ. Never underestimate the power of the written word and the effect that it can have on others. Every sentence is a new thought being performed.Your writings can be like tiny ripples of hope, starting from your heart and expanding into the hearts of others.

I too am a writer. I can only pray that my words can touch and affect others. Sometimes, we write just for ourselves and other times, we feel compelled to share what we have learned with others. We write to learn more about ourselves, to uncover the hidden gems within ourselves and we write to keep track of who we are. We write for discovery, for revelation, for finding the purpose in our life.

Think of the best writers that you know, Now think of yourself as being counted among them. Every great writer that you love started out with burning questions, a burning desire to communicate their full hearts with others and in the hopes that someone would listen to them, appreciate and understand them. Every great writer started out with some degre of restlessness, some degree of curiosity, some degree of imagination and used their restlessness, their creativity, their imagination and their curiosity, to explore their lives through the act of writing.

My prayer for you is that you see writing as a source of comfort, joy, and learning. May you unwrap the wonderful gift that is your life through each word that you write.

Your neighbor in Christ,

Maureen J. Carey