Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adrenalized With La Rochelle

So, yesterday Rachel came to visit! (Oh, and I call her La Rochelle because... I do...) Actually, she came up because she participated in something called National History Day. She wrote a paper about Thomas Edison, and went all the way to the State Competition, won first place, and is going to Nationals in Washington DC in June! Hurrah! But anyways, there was this reception for the National History Day people in Cleveland, and... uh... she came for it and took advantage of the opportunity by staying with us! (Hurrah, again!) Right now she's hugging me saying, "I'm so happy I got to stay with you guys!" What can I say!

So anyways, whenever we two are around each other, ever single care that we've had is entirely abandoned, because of the immense encouragement we are to each other. But this goes really far... I mean, we get not just hyper, but adrenalized. I've posted some pictures of her visit so far. As most of you know, she's an amazing photographer, and so I posted some examples of her amazingness. :P

Talk about red lips... :P

Isn't she sooooo cute??

Um, no comment?

Rachel seems to have a talent for taking pictures of people when they're in the middle of doing something... Like, chewing an apple. :p

My little boy Boo! :)

Okay, so the only reason that I posted this blurry picture is because one of my eyes is blue, and the other is green. I just thought that was weird/cool!


This picture is amazing... She's so sweet and "innocent" in it... I just wish it was like that all the time. *huge wink*

I don't know what it is about Tirzah... She's so photogenic and I can't help posting pics of her. :)

And the only reason I post pictures of me is because this is *my* blog. ;)

I *love* Rachel's face! It's so classic!

Is that really what I look like when I read my emails?? I need to smile more. :P

On the way to the Western Reserve Historical Society for National History Day reception. :)

Wow... Talk about beautiful.

Okay, so I love this picture of Rachel. She hates it. :P


She's so unbelievably adorable...

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...

LOL! Olivia's face is hilarious!

And WHY do I post embarrassing pictures of myself on my blog? I don't even know. My self-esteem level has dropped 40%.


Anonymous said...

I like the large flower in your hair - actually, I like flowers in any girl's hair.

And you know that Olivia (Howard - like you need to be told...) and Emma are going to challenge you on the "never were such devoted sisters" comment. That is a claim that they are currently displaying in their little corner of cyberspace... And I must say their sisterly picture :-) is significantly more convincing than what we have over here... :-/ Look me up here.

Okay, are you trying to scare me from reading this blog by uploading a picture of the blue tongue? That's nearly blog-reader abuse. Just kidding.
Take care,

James said...

umm, ruby. are you really there? Just checking. By the way, I look the same way when I check my e-mail. I get some really weird stuff. (think, 10 spam a-day. Yuckkk!) and I agree with Ryan, That is nearly blog-reader abuse. On the other hand. . .
P.S. I really do look like that.

Hannah L. said...

No FAIR! I want Rachel to come to MY house...
Actually, I'd rather go over there, because then I'd get to see all of y'all. The point is, I'm JEALOUS!!!

Not of the pictures, though.


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...


:D I love that flower. It's a Mexican flower called a Dahlia, part of the Daisy family. I wear it *all* the time. My mother calls it my fashion statement.

Wait are you saying that Emma and Olivia are more convincing or than Tirzah and Olivia, or the other way around?

Haha! Well... Like I said, I don't even know why I do it. :P


Haha! Well, I actually don't get very much spam... (yay!) But I was reading emails from my *friends* which almost makes the facial expression worse. I look like I'm terribly upset! :P


Aw! Sometime we need to get you up here! The pictures are so much fun, though! It's half the fun... even though they are so bad! You should see some of the other ones we take... *mischievious grin*

~Ruby Jean

Hannah L. said...

Well, yes, I agree, the pictures are fun--but only for a minute, while you're goofing off, and then you delete them! You keep the good ones, and a couple silly ones, but NOT the bad ones! *Grin* Well, fine--maybe a couple bad ones too. But NOT on the web!!!

Here I stand.