Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Not Going To Even Attempt To THINK Of A Title


So, I thought that maybe I could bore you all by something that is... well, boring. You see, I have a dead imagination these days (being away from my manuscripts and all that *draws tear*) so I can't even THINK of anything to post about. My last writing was so very serious - desperate, very true, and passionate.... er, passionately true... Written because of the passion I have that passionately expresses the first passion listed, BECAUSE I am passionate about truth. Uh, nevermind. So, I thought that I might write something a little... Well... a little... *fades off* Nevermind.

Today, I finally got determined to look at my mathbook again, and figure some problems out so that someday I might be able to graduate and then if I graduate, it means that I'm done with school (not with learning, but with formal education) which means that after that, I can get married, and have a darling little family of my own! Wait... Where was I going with this?? Oh yeah... that.

So, I decided to find a nice, quiet, romantic, secluded place to do my math. And then I had the perfect place!! You see, behind my sisters closet there is a little tiny room. I thought it would be nice and cosy to study in there, and the cat was in there too, so that added and extra something to the idea. I caught up my journal in case some very interesting and perhaps romantic thoughts crossed my mind that MUST be written down. You know, those kind of entries that have the words, perfect, glorious, splendid, sublime, solace... etc.. So, I go back there, and there are two boxes stacked upon each other that needed to be removed in order to accomodate myself comfortably. I removed the one box, and to my horror, beheld a red pool of liquid on the top of the bottom box.

The very first thing that flashed through my crazy brain was, "Mazzolato!" And the horrific remembrance of that execution in the Count Of Monte Cristo. However, I was very relieved to find that (and all this happened in a split second) there was a bottle beside the pool, and I uttered a sigh to discover that after all, something which so much resembled blood, was in fact, nail polish.

But the smile that began to play on my face soon disappeared when I realized that all messes, no matter how terrible and sticky they seem, MUST be cleaned up, and I must do it. I therefore ran downstairs as fast as my unwilling legs would carry me, ranting in my mind (yet wearing a sweet smile on my face - no idea why) that JUST when I got determined to get to my math, SOMETHING had to happen to get in my way. I rushed all the way to the basement, and sternly looked my little 4 year old sister in the face, and she looked back with those droopy eyes that looked so shamefully guilty. I was forced to be lenient.

"Honey, you don't normally take nail-polish into the back of Chloe's closet... and normally, you don't spill it either. Ok?? Please try not to do it again." That's all I said. Then I rushed upstairs with a little spatula from the kitchen, to try to save some of the precious red nail-polish.

So I'm cleaning it up, remarking on the very great misfortune that befell me this afternoon, and how my motivation for my math had fled before the thought of the mess in front of me. I cleaned it up, as best I could, then glanced at the drying red stuff all over my hands. I then realized the stupid thing I had just done. I cleaned up nail polish with a cooking spatula! Well, everybody has dumb moments, and this was one of mine. :) I thought of getting the nail-polish off the spatula with nail-polish remover, but then realized the spatula would have soaked in the toxins that are in the nail-polish and the remover... (I don't even know if that's a correct statement... if someone would like to correct me on that - *bows* - please do.) So that was a dumb idea too. Threw the spatula away, and resolved that if mother noticed its disappearance I would buy her a new one. Ya know what? I'll buy her a new one anyways.

I got the nail polish off my hands, and then I went back upstairs. Even as I write, there is a big red blotch on the box in the cubby hole... that will not come off until we get around to getting off... Perhaps with paint thinner.

So that is the interesting event of the day, and if you didn't enjoy it... well, I am so desperately sorry.

Please note that I am sure there are plenty of spelling and grammatical errors in this post, so y'all will have to excuse me.


Anonymous said...

OHMYGOSH WAS THAT MY $3 NAILPOLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? ...sorry. ;)


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Uhhh, well, you weren't really supposed to notice that... but... uh... yeah it was. ;) We saved most of it. But since you're making us pay you back I guess it really doesn't matter anyways! :-) :P


Anonymous said...

Waddya mean? I still bought the nailpolish...but really, it's totally fine. :)
And I can't believe you'd think I WOULDN'T notice it!'s pretty obvious, you didn't have any red nailpolish when I the only red nailpolish you must have is MINE. :) jk jk jk though, it's really fine. :)

-Rach. (um, duh. :) like you wouldn't know it's me)

Anonymous said...

I must comment on this though I'm certain that I won't do this post justice.

"...but then realized the spatula would have soaked in the toxins that are in the nail-polish and the remover..." Well now, let's analyze this. I see nothing inaccurate here except, how could the spatula have imbibed toxins from the nail-polish remover when the remover was not yet applied to the spatula? You must use awfully virulent nail-polish remover if the toxins waft through the air and implement themselves into a polymerized synthetic plastic items. Just joking... Nothing serious.

I have a suggestion. Since the spatula endeavor resulted in great efficacy of eradicating the box of the remover, why don't you use a chainsaw to cut the red spot out from the cardboard box. Either that or you could employ your culpable sister with a pencil eraser and she could debilitate her biceps in an effort to rub out the nail polish in an effort to save a hole in the box. This would no doubt be a wholesome manner in which she could mentally assimilate new safeguards concerning any more profligate misapplications of Miss Clarke's munificent endowments to your family. Agreed?

Now Ruby, I simply must encourage you to revitalize your interest in mathematics. An ignorance in that field alone will wreck havoc on future conversant studies in all the other sciences. The inevitable application and versatility of math will manifest itself to you in many more ways than are superficially perceived. You will only do yourself great benefits to become more proficient in math.

Lastly, only to satiate my curiosity. I know that there is likely a "common understanding" among your feminine readers that I am naturally oblivious of, however your ambiguity in your second paragraph is rather enticing. Just what did this mean. "Oh yeah... that" May I inquire - what? to "Oh yeah... that?" Just curious.

I shall terminate this comment here. This has been most enjoyable typing this up and I would not be surprised if we hear of something along the lines of... "I normally don't read the comments on your blog, Ruby, but Friday had Rachel, Jo, Emma, Janelle and I cracking up on our couch over these..." We'll see...

So long,

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Maureen Carey.

Don't worry about it, Ruby! I spill things all the time. Mistakes happen, be patient with yourself. You are always in the process of becoming, a diamond in the rough, a constant work in progress.

No one is perfect. I spill all nail polish all the time on my bed and it always leaves stains.

I don't know what the best remover for nail polish stains on fabric is.

But, hey, we've all been there, made mistakes and used our mistakes to help us learn and blossom into the wonderful men and women that God intends for us to become.

We will use our mistakes as stepping stones to get us to where we need to be.

In Christ,

Maureen Jane Carey

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...


Yes, I know you bought the nail-polish... but rest assured, you shall be fully recompensed. :P


lol! Well, there was nail-polish on the wooden handle of the spatula... and the thought of handling food with it after nail-polish and the remover was on it, just didn't sound too appealing. Oh, and I thought that perhaps the toxins from the nail-polish might have been absorbed by the wooden handle... I could have been mistaken, but the nail-polish SURE did smell toxic! Anyways, as science and chemistry and all that stuff isn't exactly in my sphere, I didn't know, and really didn't want to take any chances. :-)

I am interested in math, and I realize the vital importance of its being fully learned by me, but I have always had trouble with math, and the only reason I hadn't looked at it in awhile was because I had terrible problems with it the last time that I had, and was a little timid to look at it again. But, thank you, all the same. :)

... "Oh yeah... that" was simply a statement that I was remembering what I was going to relate in the next paragraph, because I had forgotten where I was going with the story... No inside jokes or anything, haha. :)


Thank you for your encouragement! To tell you the truth, I was ALL that upset about this mistake, but I did think it would make humorous blog post. But all the same, even though it was a amusing thing, there are many little things that I can learn from it, in order to keep from more disastrous things in the future!

By the way, how did you find my blog??

~Ruby J. Hopkins

Anonymous said...

Oh I know Ruby...I'm just teasing you. :)