Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Comment Except....

... Some hunter I'll make!!!


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...

Oh gosh... I look so stupid...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, blowin my poor puppy's head off! YOU BET YOU'RE DUMB! You won't be allowed to come over again next time I catch you tryin to kill ma dog. *snarl*
Just remember the deer won't ever get that close. You're gunna have to practice on the cows. or fish. your choice, you choose.


Ruby Jean Hopkins said...


Poor Asher... He was a nice dog... *sigh*

I'd rather not shoot fish. You "fish" for fish, not shoot them, unless you live a life like the uncles in Second Hand Lions. So, I'd rather shoot cows. Mr. Coleman has a lot, anyways. I'm sure he won't mind sparing a few. :)


Anonymous said...

Nope. He spares them himself. **sniff**