Thursday, October 9, 2008


Okay guys, I'm sorry this post has taken so long to do, but it's finally HERE!!! :) This is beautiful Jordan looking a little unapproachable, beautiful, and a little wicked at the same time. Jk!

Mr. Connor smiling readily for the camera as he is passing on to make dinner.

Lovely Mrs. Howard... :)

AND ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE SETH HOWARD!!!!! :) I love this picture of him.

Preparing dinner at the Hopkins Campsite!

Mrs. Clarke and mommy on the beach, probably talking about how they hope their children won't drown in the oncoming waves. :P jk.

Children going through cycles of being soaked, being cold, being dried off, being sandy, etc..

Olivia playing in the sand.

Trizah, Andrea Clarke, and Willa Howard on the beach.

Sisters!! :) Chloe and Tirzah.

Jordan and I writing in the sand.

Rather happy.

Happy Olivia!

Sisters! Again! (man, there's a few of them!) Chloe and Olivia.

And another sister! Though not a related one... Rachel! :)

The walk from the bike path to the beach.

Having fun with everyone. Deciding that Jordan is the mother of all these young children.

Jordan and Olivia doing I know not what.

Brothers!! Duncan and Gabriel.

A really good picture of Duncan! :)


Olivia Howard said...

How fun! Thanks for posting.

~Olivia who yet has not posted many Europe pictures on her family's blog and then may post Delaware photos~

Anonymous said...

Ruby, those pictures are great. Mom was looking over my shoulder as I ran through them, and she was like,
"I want to go!"