Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Of Weddings and New Years

 Hello my dear blog readers!!

I must say, that the holidays are certainly the most buzzing time of year... ESPECIALLY for big families... and even MORE especially for big families with a wedding on New Years Eve!!  But these are all good things... After all, we celebrate the Advent, and the birth, of Christ, and we celebrate the beginning of a new year - a new start!  And on top of this we celebrate a marriage... the bringing together of two godly people who partake of a covenant more holy and sacred than most imagine.  It is the imitation—nay, the foreshadow, of the great marriage of Christ to his purified and beautiful bride.  What a beautiful season!! We have the snow, which reflects God in its beauty, and though cold, lays on the hard earth a soft blanket which transforms nature from bleak and hard to displaying a soft splendor unmatched in its beauty by any other element of nature.  I say, we have the snow, and we have the birth of Christ, and we have the joy of a new start, and in the midst of all these joyous times we have a marriage!  How incredibly beautiful!  How much more breathtaking can it get!

So these are the things that have been taking up my time.  My brother was married, and I now have a sister-in-law.  We had a wonderful time with extended families... We hosted the rehearsal dinner at our house, of which I will post pictures. :).... Oh, and I suppose you'd like to see pictures of the wedding, wouldn't you?! Well, what I have, I will post. :)

Preparation for a VERY special cookie... :D

Voila! Duncan created this... the base is a heartshorne cookie, baked in the shape of a heart.  He then baked a gingerbread boy and girl.  He used icing, and sprinkles for most of it.  The tuxedo is made of shredded dark chocolate. :)

We moved the furniture out of our dining room and living room, and replaced them with big long tables and chairs.  We entertained about 40 people.... It was a great blessing to have Mrs. Neubecker's invaluable and immeasurable (I have two people telling me what adjective to use) help and expertise for this celebration.  We are immensely grateful for her, and for the Marino family, the help of whom was vital to the success of the occasion.  We made green salad with creamy dressing, chicken curry with raita, roasted sweet potatoes and warm fresh pitas for dinner... For dessert we had little bowls of mint chocolate chip ice-cream with a little sugar cookie.  It was very pleasant. :)

The tables started in the dining room, went into the living room, turned and went to the end of the living room.  It was quite an arrangement. :D

Peter and the best man... and a blurry mother. :D

This is... Oh, this is me... yes... a short-haired me. :D

And old-fashioned girl at 6 AM ready to go to the Blair Center to get ready for the wedding with her sisters!

The Best Man shines Peter's shoes. :D I think Peter looks just a little excited...

Mrs. Willeke puts the veil on her daughter.  If you can, click on this picture to see Mrs. W's face.  It's so sweet and loving. 

The Flower Girls. Notice Olivia's face.

Two sisters, a sister-to-be, and the sister-to-be's sister... the Maid of Honor. :)

This was where the ceremony was held.

The new family.

Silly faces.

The send off.

These last few pictures are courtesy of Peter Serven, a groomsman in the wedding... but he was able to snap a few pictures. :)

I PROMISE I will have more pictures of the ceremony.  Right now this is all I have... Because most of our family was in the wedding, we couldn't take pictures, and the people who did didn't have a very good view... Anyhow, we will get some up here soon. :)


Anonymous said...

Surprised that there are no comments here.

The rehearsal table is adorned nicely and your Christmas tree looks nice. Looks like a great time!

Love the wintry window scene from the wedding. Thanks.

Rachel Clarke said...

*sigh* I loved their wedding. It was so happy. _They_ were so happy. :D (like, DUH!)