Monday, September 7, 2009

Pictures!!! :)

I got internet today - so here's the best of the last few days. :)

Trafalgar Square


The column of Nelson's Monument in Trafalgar Square is 183 feet tall.  The statue on top is 18 feet... that's pretty tall. (btw, isn't the sky amazing?!)
The Supreme Court.
The famous Westminster Abbey. Just as beautiful and magnificent as everybody says.
Big Ben from the perspective of Parliament Square, where we sat under a tree and ate chocolate while said bell chimed four in the afternoon. :)
 The Banqueting Hall
We went on a little tour with my aunt's students and tour-guide around Westminster and Parliament Square and such... But he also showed us inside the Banqueting Hall, built in 1619 by James I.  Masques, balls, feasts - all sorts of things were held in here - and it's still used.  I forget whether a fire in London (1629) destroyed portions of it or not... I seem to forget that part. :P  But anyways, Charles I was beheaded in this place as well.
The throne type thing for the sovereign.
The ceiling of the banquet house.
Splish splash splosh in red polka-dot rain-boots.
Down By The Thames
The London Eye, London Bridges, River Thames. 
Another London Bridge.
This is the place where knights used to joust. At least, that's what I'm told.... :)
Lord Nelson, again. I liked this one because of the gray sky.

These are Aunt Paula's students. Let's see if I can get this right... from L to R, Scott, Bryan, Mary, Lindsay, Mary, Jen, Griffin, Jen, Collin, Tinea, Jack, and the tour guide Patrick.
A hotel... Yeah.  
Shopping and Miscellaneous
Chloe and me.
This is sort of what the place where we're staying looks like. Only this square is one block down from street. 
This was a mirror shop. 
The Tower Of London

Chloe seems to have found a knight in shining armor... :D

Spiral staircases were quite common in the Tower. But that's obvious... it was the fashion then. :P

I just thought this picture was cool.  I loved the three huge cranes against the stormy sky.

This was funny... A prisoner, named Henry, etched his name into the stone in one of the rooms. There was glass over it, and Chloe was staring while I was taking a picture. Didn't realize that the image would come out with Chloe's reflection over the name...

This, we thought, was funny....

Whitehall... I'm not sure what the significance of this building was but it's currently a museum for all of King Henry VIII's armor.  Quite an amazing place, really.

"Quoth the Raven, 'Nevermore.'"

Chloe and I sitting on a... thing... by Tower Hill Monument.

Shopping on Portebello....

On Sunday we went to Portebello Street where traffic is blocked off every weekend, and it is lined with stalls for hats, scarves, jewelery, antiques, food, produce, toys - ANYTHING you can imagine - yes, even chandeliers. :P So we went and shopped around a bit.

This necklace was a Christian D'ior necklace that Chloe tried on... those are emeralds and rhinestones. It was priced at £450.... which is... really... really... expensive... :P But it looked great on her all the same! :P

All the weather vanes had these little ships on top... they were so cool!
(Below) This is what most of the houses on Portebello Street looked like... They were so cute - all different colors and everything. :)


Anonymous said...

Double thumbs up for the pics!!! Love the views...

Anonymous said...

Woah, that reflection is cool. It looks intentional its so good!

janelle said...

nice pictures!!!!!!!! and by the way was it just the two of you that went???

~Janelle Putrich

Ruby Jean Hopkins said...


Thanks! Pictures don't do them justice. :)


:D I really like it. I actually took another picture sort of like that one, that I'll probably post soon.


Thanks! Well, yes, and no... Chloe and I went (from our family) but we went with our Nana. :)